on 22 May 2019 4:20 PM

What do moving images do? And what does this mean for your communication? In a workshop with you, we determine which format best fulfils your purposes.

What is the impact of moving images? And what does this mean for your communication? During a workshop with you, we determine which format fulfils your purposes best.

If you want to be noticed, you have to use moving pictures to advertise. Sounds trivial, but it' s absolutely true. A Facebook post containing a video reaches 300 percent more viewers than a pure text contribution. Which comes as no surprise, because it's our natural viewing habits to look at pictures rather than reading a text. 

Therefore, customer communication becomes more persuasive through the use of moving images. As more strategically it is produced, as better it can be used and refinanced - also several times.


So what does this mean for a company and its communication with customers?  

Quite simply: If you want to inspire today and in the future, you have to use the power of images and tell stories that will be remembered. 

If you already work with film, that's fine. If you're thinking about getting more involved with the subject of "film" - even better.  

In both cases we have a suitable solution for you, which we should talk about.

We are specialized in conception and production of films. It is our job to integrate moving images optimally into your existing communication. Based on our experience from the production of more than 6,000 films, we have developed a concept with which we can find and produce the right format for your company. 

In the centre of our approach is a workshop, in which we determine precisely which format fulfils your purposes best.

  • In the first step, we briefly collect initial thoughts on your topic and project.

  • Tailored to these considerations, we will send you a briefing template, which you complete with further details.

  • Based on this, we structure the workshop and analyse the competition at the same time.

  • Subsequently, we conduct the workshop with you - duration: three to four hours - and evaluate possible implementation concepts.

  • Finally, we rework the workshop, summarize the results, work out a basic concept and give you a recommendation for action or, if you wish, organize a call for tenders for the project.

Ideally, this workshop will cost you nothing. Because if you place the order for the film with us, we will charge the workshop fee (2,500 EUR) to the production costs. 

Whether image, product or animated film: In the workshop with you, we determine which format suits your purposes best. We look forward to hearing from you!

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