on 14 Apr 2020 3:55 PM

Don't be satisfied with simple web-based presentations - animated presentations from trias.

There are a variety of possibilities to turn presentations with slide support - e.g. product presentations, trainings, company presentations etc. - which do not have to take place live in front of an audience, into an attractive film in the post production - we offer a suitable solution for every budget and the desired effort.
You provide us with the slides, as well as a suitable speaker track recorded by you or even a video of the speaker e.g. in front of a green screen. Under certain circumstances, we can provide you with the necessary equipment and give you contactless instructions for use.
In digital post-production, we can link the speaker to the slides, graphically adjust or embellish the slides and enhance them with animations. In this purely digital form, an animated slide show looks more appealing than a static one and offers the possibility to focus the attention of the audience. If the speaker is recorded in front of a green screen, he or she can be integrated into the slides via Picture in Picture, giving the final product an even higher quality appearance. But also a pure speaker track of the speaker fulfils the purpose and offers a fast and inexpensive realization of the presentation.

We are still there for you in these difficult times and look forward to working with you and realising your projects.

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