Hybrid Storage System Varel
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Project Description

// The Project

As a major project, be.storaged GmbH, in cooperation with four partners, set up a large-scale hybrid storage facility in Varel, which stores and releases electricity using the AI-based energy storage management system developed by be.storaged. The storage facility stabilizes the electricity transport in the regional power grid around Varel in the most intelligent and economical way possible.

To give customers from all over the world an exclusive tour of the storage facility, trias produced a 360-degree film. In this film, the two managing directors of be.storaged explain at different positions the functionality of the hybrid storage and the different storage systems. The combination of the real image with a 3D model of the entire hybrid storage system allows more precise insights and specific detailed views.

// Key Data


be.storaged GmbH


360-degree film - Hybrid storage system Varel


Conception, Shooting, Postproduction


trias GmbH


Andreas Arntz


Michael Jörg


Simon Stricker, Esther Billen, Lisa Lambertin, Stefan Tempel

Genres: 360° video
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  • Clientbe.storaged
  • Date20 Apr 2020
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