on 16 Apr 2020 2:48 PM

Produce contactless but in high-quality - animated videos and postproductions by trias.

Right now, animated films and post-productions with tasks such as editing, animation and color grading can be realized safely and without personal contact: animations, text-based music clips, explanatory films as well as adjustments of already existing footage. These types are now becoming an important part of corporate communications.
You will only need to provide small deliveries of the corporate design, possibly basic graphics and the existing footage. The production will be realized by our postproduction team professionally and according to your wishes. We are in direct contact with you for coordination and approval processes. The delivery of intermediate versions and the final product will of course take place online via various platforms.   
The effort and costs for this type of film depend on the preparatory work, deliveries and the desired complexity of the films - everything is possible.

We are still there for you in these difficult times and look forward to working with you and realising your projects.

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