The "Champion of all Classes", a character actor


The brand-new Mazda CX-5, recently elected as Germany's most beautiful new SUV and "Champion of all Classes" by the readers of the car magazine AUTO BILD, played the main role in various formats at its market premiere. trias produced the launch trailer and general car footage - this time on Ibiza, where the perfectly styled and technically top equipped crossover model was able to prove how well it fits even with very different types of customers and purposes.

Mazda3 in the year 2017: complex film for live presentation


The new compact car Mazda3 with numerous innovative features such as a colour head-up display celebrated its European debut in Barcelona. The presentation to journalists was just as unique and innovative: seated in the front seat of the car, they "experienced" the design and features of the car in two ways - through the live experience as well as through a video projected through the windscreen. A moderator guides the viewer through the video and explains the details of the new Mazda3 with wit and esprit. The cinematic part was produced by trias including extensive exterior shootings in the Catalan metropole, studio shootings and footage production.

Mazda - Reveal Trailer for the design study Koeru


The film represents car photography in its purest form, focusing on shapes and three colours: Black (background), Red (automotive paint) and White (light reflections on the paint). The optical highlighting of the characteristic car shapes starts with abstract details and ends in identifiable light contours of the car body.