»Not just different but
somehow better ...«

The Heart of the WORLD…

Cologne is the heart of one of Europe's most creative regions.

Directors, script writers, designers and many other specialists are part of the trias network.


The core of it is the trias team. We work for your (and our) visions. Hand in hand, in a cooperative and independent way. This goes perfectly with an experienced, coordinated management, consulting, creation and production team... and it's a lot of fun!  

The fully integrated approach…

We support our clients in ALL areas of their audiovisual corporate communication. From the script to the finished film, from the concept to the multimedia event, from the idea to the final website: All services are supplied from one single source.


We aren't creative "hotshots", but regard ourselves as a "hands on" agency for audiovisual media. We find affordable solutions whenever companies want to communicate on an audiovisual level. Whether it's a classic film format, a website (your own homepage or a Youtube channel), in presentations (at the point-of-sale or in a customer pitch) or at events or tradeshows.

Not limited to one industry…

Complex communication challenges arise for every company at some point. And if they are to be solved in an audiovisual way - through a film or a multimedia presentation, for example - we are the right contact for you.


There are industries that we know very well. They include the telecommunications industry, the energy industry, industrial goods, computers and electronic devices as well as imaging technologies. What distinguishes us, however, is our ability to familiarize ourselves quickly with new topics. Our team of conceptionists, journalists and script/ad writers can crack the toughest nut!


It doesn't take an interpreter to understand your customers. All it takes, initially, is to be a good listener!


We listen carefully to our customers' wishes and needs - because complete customer satisfaction is our top priority. We regard ourselves as consultants to our customers, putting our heart into every step of the cooperation. We give them access to our profound and wide project experience, thus ensuring a significant and valuable competitive advantage.


We follow the principle:




We interpret this triad, borrowed from classical philosophy, in a new form:


»Quality, Credibility, Emotions«


Quality means:

We develop media forms that are best-suited for the communication objectives of our customers. Our solutions are individual, effective and high-end.


Credibility means:

We explain complex products and services by multimedia means. Our solutions are plausible, logical and argumentatively well-founded.


Emotion means:

We know how to touch the heart as well as the brain. Our solutions are stimulating and inspirational and they promote recognotion.



What's a great film worth if no one watches it? 

A funny question, you might think, but it has a serious background. Often, lovingly and elaborately produced films are shown a few times at tradeshows, shown by sales to a few clients or presented on a website, before ending up relatively quickly in an archive. In such cases, the effort bears no relation to the result. We know from experience, unfortunately, that this is the case with many companies, no matter how big they are.


Full Service Motion Image Communication


As an agency for corporate film & motion graphics, we will deliver everything to you from one source if you wish: We develop concepts, make films, and raise awareness.

We take care of everything working in close cooperation with our clients – from the analysis, idea, and treatment all the way to the script. In this phase, we are already thinking two steps ahead. How can the film be best promoted later? How can we heighten the relevance for the target group and how else can the film be used to increase the reach?

Making films - for every purpose and many occasions


For 20 years now we have made films – B to B, B to C, for international communications, for tradeshows, for TV, for the Internet, for images, for advertising, for sales support, or films explaining complex products and services.



The effect is in the eye of the beholder - if it gets there!


The third component of success is raising awareness. We can now use every online marketing instrument for your film. We can make use of social media channels, incorporate bloggers and influencers, drive Adwords campaigns, take advantage of video portals such as Youtube, and much more. This heightens the reach of your film and increases its relevance for the target group, thus improving the cost-benefit ratio and ultimately ensuring your film will be sold! 

Contact is the very first step

 Have we aroused your interest? Then please contact us and we’ll show you what we can do for you!