Video exhibits for the FUTUREA science centre


Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Saxony-Anhalt has a new attraction: the company-owned FUTUREA science centre, opened at the town square in 2016 by SKW, producer of agrochemical and industrial chemical products. The main idea of the FUTUREA is to present the essential meaning and importance of nitrogen for all life on earth to a wider audience - through interactive exhibits, cinematically produced by trias.

Luxlait - Visitor Centre "Vitarium"


In 2010, Luxlait, the biggest Luxembourgian dairy, opened an unique experience centre on the subject of "milk" at their production base in Roost/Bissen. trias produced videos and animations for the "Vitarium" - partly in 3D. They are embedded in the story of Caroline, a young development manager at Luxlait, who is interrupted by a boy named Michael during a visitor tour. Michael comes alive in an old painting dating back to the 19th century. Together, Michael and Caroline go on a journey through the world of milk production and processing.


This story, split into 13 stations, was produced by trias with RED cameras (4K). Two videos were shot in stereo 3D. The production also included four language versions, five soundscape installations, a "pepper's ghost" installation, audio design for all videos and animations as well as the entire post-production in Full HD. The total length of all media elements is 2.5 hours.