GIZ - Benchmarking: evaluation and comparison of standards


The plentitude and different types of standards often cause confusion among consumers and purchasers. As shown in this video, users can soon find out how credible a certain standard really is with a new online comparison tool.

ISEAL Alliance - Credibility Standards


For the ISEAL Alliance, trias produced an explanatory film in English, demonstrating the advantages of sustainability standards for their users. This project was carried out in the still quite new and eye-catching style of "kinetic typography".

IP Deutschland - Convergence Trailer


How can a film explain complicated or complex facts in just a few minutes? For our customer IP Deutschland, trias met this demand with a so-called scribble animation. With this method, the film emerges right in front of the viewer's eyes:

The camera captures a drawing hand that is "scribbling" all content onto a piece of paper and putting it into a logical context. The message will instantly be understood by the viewer. The perception of the video content is supported by an off-speaker.


Academic research indicates that a viewer's attention holds only for about a minute in the face of difficult topics. In order to make optimum use of this very short amount of time, an explanatory film must get quickly to the point. A scribble animation is very suitable for that aim.


This cinematic style achieves a great deal of attention. And attention is, after all, one of the most valuable goods.

ISEAL Alliance - Good Standard Setting

Ecological and social standards pave the way to more sustainability in daily business processes. But how do we know if a standard really is credible and reliable? In the same style as its forerunner, so-called "kinetic typography", this explanatory video, produced by trias, explores this question.

weinor Multi-Comfort Folding Glass Wall: Open it wherever you want!

Thanks to an innovative, sophisticated technology you can open and move the Multi-Comfort Folding Glass Wall made by weinor in multiple ways, thus creating a feeling of freedom and space. The video was entirely produced by trias - from the conception and the "scribble animation" to the production via "live action" film shooting, all the way to the post production.